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CarMa results at the TCCS-11 Trondheim Conference, June 23 2021


On June 23, 2021, Ancuta Isbasoiu presented her post-doctoral work entitled “Negative greenhouse gas emissions in France by 2050: techno-economic potential assessment” at the TCCS–11 Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage.

The European Union’s goal of becoming a net-zero greenhouse gas economy by 2050 represents the cornerstone of the European Green Deal, in conformity with the EU’s global commitments under the Paris Agreement. To achieve climate neutrality goal by 2050, the deployment of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) will be necessary. This paper focuses on one of these technologies, namely BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). In particular, it studies the French potential in terms of negative emissions and shows to what extent BECCS can represent a viable solution for achieving climate neutrality in France by 2050.

The work was conducted under the supervision of Paula Coussy (Economics and Environmental Evaluation Department, IFP Energies nouvelles).