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As part of CarMa's "Education" mission, we aim to make our students aware of the potential role of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to fight global warming.

This awareness is achieved in different ways:
- within the courses we teach at IFP School or within our network of universities and partnerschools (up to 540 students during Year-3), 
- through transversal educational activities such as the Professional Skills Module (PSM) at IFP School,
- or for the general public via our MOOC on the Energy Transition.


  • ​​​​​​​On January 13 2021, Dr. Ancuta Isbasoiu (CarMa) presented her ongoing research work on the negative greenhouse gas emissions in France by 2050 to the students of the Doctoral College of IFP School. Final results are now available on her CarMa page.