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CarMa's contribution to designing the future of CDR in France

Photo Sylvain Delerce

Last December, on behalf of the CarMa Research Team, Jean-Pierre Deflandre participated to one of the workshops -jointly organized by Carbon Gap and E-CUBE- to design the first roadmap for CDR deployment in France. 

The workshop took place in the floowing context... "Since May 2023, Carbon Gap and E-CUBE have been carrying out a study to estimate the deployment potential of atmospheric carbon dioxide (EDC) removal methods in France, using a bottom-up approach: 
- Characterization of the needs of different EDC methods 
- Assessment of available deposits for the required resources 
- Diagnosis of the regulatory, economic and political environment 
- Analysis of societal perceptions of the desirability of deploying EDC capacity in France.
By compiling this information, it is possible to outline EDC deployment scenarios based on different assumptions and different levels of ambition."

The objective of the workshop that gathered around 20 people was to draw a preliminary roadmap of the long term option for CDR deployement in France. 

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