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The "Haut Conseil pour le Climat" interviewed CarMa

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CarMa, in the person of Jean-Pierre Deflandre, had the honor of being interviewed by the Haut Conseil pour le Climat during the preparation of their recommendation report entitled "Avis sur la stratégie de capture du carbone, d'utilisation et de stockage (CCUS)" published in November 2023 just before COP28. 

In this report, the Haut Conseil pour le Climat expresses its opinion on the potential of the CCUS option and the DACCS and BECCS technologies for decarbonizing hard-to-kill carbon emission sectors in France. This approach is based on an exhaustive analysis of the state of the art and recent prospects in these fields, taking into account: the major challenges, the absence of alternative solutions, the costs, the lack of maturity of the solutions, the energy penalty... Finally, a multi-criteria approach has been developed and applied - using certain assumptions - to different sectors (high carbon-emitting sectors in France) to rank the different options and assess their potential.