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New CarMa publication by Carlos Andrade


One effective strategy that can help achieve carbon neutrality in the steel industry is the use of biomass with carbon capture and storage/utilization (BECCS/BECCU). This will generate negative emissions to offset residual emissions. Therefore, in this paper, we investigate the role of negative emissions technologies in the decarbonization of the steel industry using a mathematical tool for prospective energy modeling called TIAM-FR. The results highlight the need for the steel sector to pursue a net negative emissions pathway in order to achieve carbon-free steel production and support the decarbonization of other sectors too.

This work was achieved by Carlos Andrade in the frame of his postdoctoral research in partnership with the Center for Applied Mathematics of Mines-Paristech.

Applied Energy

Net-negative emission opportunities for the iron and steel industry on a global scale
Andrade C., Desport L., Selosse S., (2023),
Applied Energy journal 358 (2024) 122566.

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